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Scholarship Program

CSP is fortunate to have found another organization, Sing Your Song, Inc., that believes that any child who wants to perform, should have that opportunity.

A little bit about Sing Your Song, Inc. -

Sing Your Song, Inc. (SYS), a non-profit organization formed in 2011, believes that every child deserves the chance to be extraordinary. Sing Your Song recognizes that onstage experiences build confidence and foster creativity. A child’s life is changed as the curtain rises and they stand on the stage before their family and friends. Not only are the students who participate enriched, but the lives of their parents, families and friends are also enhanced by being part of the process.

Yet many youth who could benefit from a youth musical theatre experience simply can’t afford the fees involved. Many schools simply don’t have the budget to sponsor a production. Or, youth musical theatre organizations may be limited in the number and depth of their productions due to limited resources.

That’s where Sing Your Song comes in. We encourage San Diego area youth to be actors, singers, dancers, writers, directors and stage crew by:

★ Providing scholarships to youth with a documented financial need who are interested in participating in musical theatre classes, workshops or productions offered by their schools or other organizations.

★ Collaborating and partnering with schools and youth musical theatre organizations by providing direct funding for their workshops, classes and productions.





If you would like a scholarship (maximum of $150) for The Lightning Thief, please complete the following application and submit it as noted on the application.


Center Stage Productions – 760-807-8654

Sing Your Song – 858-395-2734

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