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The Full Story


Center Stage Productions is a non-profit youth theater company whose board of directors and staff are committed to fairness and equal opportunity for all performers - every gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, race, and ethnicity. 

Center Stage Productions was started in 2004 by six women in San Diego County - Delnora, Gia, Coni, Tiffini, Mandy, and Lisa - who wanted to change the way shows were cast in their local youth theaters. They believed in an ethical and impartial casting process that gave equal opportunity to every performer. Their commitment to fairness and equal treatment has turned into three guiding principles that makes Center Stage Productions a leader in San Diego County youth theater:

  • anyone who wants to perform can; we do not make cuts

  • every request for tuition aid is granted

  • to continue our long history of non-traditional casting that gives equal opportunity to every gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, race, and ethnicity


Vision & Values

We Value:

  • Our community, both the theater community and our neighborhood. 

  • Inclusion, it is the tenant that guides our work.

  • Excellence in performing arts education and service. 

  • Integrity in our relationships and how we conduct business.

  • Safety for the physical, social and emotional well-being of our students, staff and volunteers. 

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

As a community youth theater organization, we have a responsibility to those we serve. For more than 15 years, Center Stage Productions has used our founding principles as an inspiration, looking to our commitment to fair and equal opportunity for all performers to guide our operations. Anyone who wants to perform will find a home on our stage. 


Education in the arts is incredibly vital for our youth, now more so than ever. And yet, systemic inequality, both conscious and unconscious both past and present, has built a community that provides unequal access to arts education resources and opportunities for those who seek them. We can do better. We must do better. And we will do better. 


CSP is committed to taking actionable steps towards a better future for our community - making meaningful change to our organization to guarantee that we continue to build a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable space for all.


Our Commitments:

  • Seeking out a more diverse student body

  • Add more diverse voices to leadership boards 

  • Make programming more accessible financially 

  • Provide EDI and other educational training to leaders in the CSP community

  • Provide more diverse programming and educational opportunities

  • Actively seek feedback from the CSP community

  • Be open to change as our understanding deepens


Moving forward, it is of vital importance to us that we prioritize these goals. We know there is incredible potential in our community, and within our organization. Every single day, we will strive to work towards these aims, and work to better the future of our community and beyond.

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