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Going to a CSP Show

Provided through our partnership with TERI Inc.


What happens when you go to the theatre?

  1. I am going to a very special live performance at the California Center for the Arts

  2. We will park in the parking lot and walk up to the main entrance of the theatre.

  3. Everyone needs a ticket to get into the theatre. I may have to wait in line quietly for my turn.

  4. As I enter the theatre, an usher will scan my ticket. The scanner will beep when it scans my tickets.  

  5. Now you will walk into the lobby. It will have pictures of the actors, and information tables where you can buy T-shirts and flowers.  

  6. When you are ready, you will head to the main theatre door to find your seat. You may have to wait in line to enter the theatre, but we must wait patiently so that everyone can find their seats and get ready for the show.

  7. It may be crowded when you walk to your seat, there may be people walking in front of you and behind you to get to their seats. People may accidentally bump into you when they walk by. That is okay. We wait until we feel ready and find our seat!

  8. When you find your special seat, you will be in your spot for the show! That is your space for the show. There will be people sitting around you that you may not know. Make sure you are aware of them and respect their special space as well.

  9. The lights will dim, and an announcement will be made over the big speakers before the show starts. Then the lights will go out, the curtain will rise, and the live orchestra will begin the music for the show! IT’S SHOWTIME!!

  10. During the show, there will be closed captioning above the stage and there will be bright lights and loud music. This is an exciting time! If at any time you need to take a break, make sure you leave the theatre safely because it will be dark. 

  11. The curtains will close at intermission and the lights will come up in the audience! INTERMISSION TIME! This is the time you can head out to the lobby and grab a snack and/or a drink from the concession stand, use the restroom, and stretch your legs before the rest of the musical happens. 

  12. When it is time, you will carefully head back to your special seat and the show will begin again!

  13. At the end of the show, there will be clapping and people around you may stand up. That is called a STANDING OVATION. It is a way to show the actors how well they did in the show. Feel free to stand with everyone and clap for the actors if you choose!

  14. You then will have to wait patiently as everyone leaves the theatre to head to the lobby. It will be crowded so take the time you need to make your way to the lobby!

  15. Now it's time for you to head out of the theatre, walk through the busy lobby and make your way out to your car! 

  16. YOU DID IT! You sat through a musical in a theatre! I am so proud of you!! Head back home and wear a big smile for doing such an amazing job!

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